i want to hold your head
hold it inside my two hands
press you down into the bed
and play out my plans

first i want to grab your arm
than pull your brown hair
i hope for you it is a charm
do you think i realy care?

i want to move my fingertips
over your scared body
i kiss your lovely blue lips
you are such a hottie

i put you on a chair
and tie your hands and feet 
you yell a little swear
i go out on the street

i come back after an hour
you fell asleep 
i have all the power
i am not a creep

i get out my knife
it should wake you up
"c'mon be my wife!"
you are such a pup

i stroke your skin 
with my little toy
you give me a grin
"please be my boy"

i dig it inside 
deep inside your arm
"now you are my bride,
I won't do any harm"

i pull it through your flesh 
the smell of blood 
metallic, slightly sweet, fresh
such a nice red flood

you try to say something
but i nicly slap you
there is nothing
this is a nice view

you stop to move
your eyes as-well
there is no prove
no alive little cell

i get up on my feet
and start to drag you out
out to the cold street
i have no little doubt

i leave you there
on the cold stone ground
i go back to the chair
ready for another round